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The 'geoarrow_vctr' family of vector classes are a zero-copy wrapper around an Arrow C Data interface representation of a arrow::ChunkedArray. This class provides most of the features that you might want when loading a file (e.g., subset, print, format, inspect), and can be converted to some other vector class (e.g., using sf::st_as_sf() or geoarrow_collect_sf()) with more features when appropriate.


geoarrow(x = wk::wkb(crs = NULL))

geoarrow_wkb(x = wk::wkb(crs = NULL))

geoarrow_wkt(x = wk::wkb(crs = NULL))

as_geoarrow(x, ..., ptype = NULL)

# S3 method for geoarrow_vctr
as_geoarrow(x, ..., ptype = NULL)



An object that implements wk::wk_handle()


Passed to S3 methods


A prototype for the final vctr type, or NULL to guess the most appropriate type.


A vector class inheriting from 'geoarrow_vctr'.