wk (development version) Unreleased

wk 0.5.0 2021-07-13

wk 0.4.1 2021-03-16

  • Fix LTO and MacOS 3.6.2 check errors (#61).

wk 0.4.0 2021-03-06

  • Removed wksxp() in favour of improved sf::st_sfc() support (#21).
  • Rewrite existing readers, writers, and handlers, using a new C API (#13).
  • Use new C API in favour of header-only approach for all wk functions (#19, #22).
  • Use cpp11 to manage safe use of callables that may longjmp from C++.
  • Vector classes now propagate attr(, "crs"), and check that operations that involve more than one vector have compatable CRS objects as determined by wk_crs_equal().
  • Added an R-level framework for other packages to implement wk readers and handlers: wk_handle(), wk_translate(), and wk_writer() (#37).
  • Added a native reader and writer for sf::st_sfc() objects and implemented R-level generics for sfc, sfg, sf, and bbox objects (#28, #29, #38, #45).
  • Implement crc() vector class to represent circles (#40).
  • Added a 2D cartesian bounding box handler (wk_bbox()) (#42).
  • Refactored unit tests reflecting use of the new API and for improved test coverage (#44, #45, #46).
  • Added wk_meta(), wk_vector_meta(), and wk_count() to inspect properties of vectors (#53).
  • Modified all internal handlers such that they work with vectors of unknown length (#54).

wk 0.3.4 2021-01-16

  • Fixed reference to wkutils::plot.wk_wksxp(), which no longer exists.

wk 0.3.3 2020-10-13

  • Fixed WKB import of ZM geometries that do not use EWKB.
  • Added xy(), xyz(), xym() and xyzm() classes to efficiently store point geometries.
  • Added the rct() vector class to efficiently store two-dimensional rectangles.
  • Fixed the CRAN check failure caused by a circular dependency with the wkutils package.
  • Added S3 methods to coerce sf objects to and from wkt(), wkb() and wksxp().

wk 0.3.2 2020-08-03

  • Fixed EWKB output for collections and multi-geometries that included SRID (#3).
  • Fixed CRAN check errors related to exception handling on MacOS/R 3.6.2.

wk 0.3.1 2020-07-21

  • Added a NEWS.md file to track changes to the package.